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OOH Info is the result of the collaboration of ideas and feedback from independent media owners for several decades with a focus on needs for driving local business. At the center of the effort has been the IBO USA (an industry networking group) along with several other industry partners that also have a similar vision and understanding of KISS – Keep It Simple Simple. OOH Info is a stand-alone entity with a focus to help the entire OOH industry, both nationally and internationally.

OOH Info compiles the data from providers and builds out the technology to bring tedious information to users in an easy to acquire, use and understand way at an extremely affordable price point. Our goal is to be transparent about the data and the processes while seeking to have the data providers seek Media Rating Council accreditation where applicable.

Traffic Related Metrics

Local Comparison

Available Now.  Allows media owners to compare locations in their market.

Campaign Comparison

Coming Soon.  Allows agencies to compare inventory across multiple markets.

Site Analysis

Coming Soon.  Allows media owners to evaluate potential locations BEFORE they acquire them.

Impressions Data

Started Jan 2023.  Based on industry OTS guidelines & privacy and location data impacts.

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Local Data

Started Jan 2023.

Location Comparison

Why It Matters.


Began Jan 2023.


Coming Soon.

Traffic Metrics

Coming Soon.

Audience Metrics


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