MetricOOH Technical Info

CUENDE has worked very hard with IBOUSA to make the MetricOOH traffic metrics adhere to the KISS principle….. Keep It Simple Simple.  True it’s based on some pretty heady computational stuff, algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence and wicked processes, but we needn’t highlight those unless you really want to know more.  CUENDE is committed to be open and transparent as to these technicals, This is also why CUENDE is so committed to the Media Rating Council audit process, which will dive exceptionally deep into areas we can’t imagine to verify accuracy, results, data security and clear communications to the users.

While the audit process does add a bit to the cost of the products, in the long run, the entire industry needs data that it understands and trusts.  While MetricOOH is a foundational product to assist in local selling, it is a powerful set of analytics that will help any national campaign.

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